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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Calling Mike Matusow

Ok, so here's the deal. I've received a few emails and comments on my recent post about Mike being debt for 3 million, etc. In talking to Scott Matusow, he's indicated that there's no way Mike is in for that much. It's been mentioned that the number is probably closer to 1 million but the reality is that Mike TOLD THE RAIL he was in for 3 million. Let's just cut it down the middle and say 1.5M, sound good?

On the topic of empty pizza boxes and what Scott told me, apparently I got my wires crossed. It's not a case of everytime, just some of the time that the place is a mess. Scott indicated that there's plenty of times when the place is spotless (Mike's new girlfriend have anything to do with that?).

Here's what I'd like to propose. I know you read the blog Mike, so does Scott. Scott, you've been really cool to talk with and you and I share many of the same views. Hell, we talked politics more than Mike and poker! I'll be in Vegas from Jan. 6-12th, Scott and Mike let's hook this up and do the definitive Mike Matusow interview and post it here for all to read. The purpose of this blog was always to ENLIGHTEN people on The Mouth, not drag him through the mud like some try to do.

So to you the reader, please send me your questions that you'd like to see Mike answer and I'll pose those questions to him next month. Come on Mike, I'm making my appeal public. I'll be in your backyard in a few weeks. Wanna meet up? Lunch or Dinner is on me :)You both know how to reach me directly.


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