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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lies, rumors, and cotton candy

Ok, I've actually got some good news regarding Mike and his online game. Last night on Full Tilt he seemed to have settled into a groove playing 200/400 LIMIT Omaha. I have screen shots and some interesting chat that took place but I'll have to post that later tonight as it was recorded on another machine that I don't have access to at the moment. I think Mike has finally realized that there are only so many markers he can call in. Sooner or later the well runs dry and people stop loaning you money. Since Mike was spotted playing a limit game with what appeared to be an appropriate sized stack (12K), hopefully he's working on building his roll back to where it needs to be (to play higher limit PLO8). More on this tomorrow...

TLK - TexasLimitKing, banned or not?

It appears that the rumor about TLK, aka Alexandros Dalaklis being banned from Full Tilt Poker was just that. A faithful reader of the blog, RebelB, sent me this chat transcript which proves without a shadow of a doubt that the man is still around!

devmo: whats up partner?
TexasLimitKing: good, u ?
devmo: someone told me you werent on here anymore i c thats not true
TexasLimitKing: just havent been playing lately
devmo: i c
UltimateKings (Observer): There were quit a lot of rumours u being banned from FTP ...
TexasLimitKing: 6months
devmo: you may as well retire before youre legal
TexasLimitKing: i could lol
devmo: life is good lol
devmo: i was just hoping to retire by 23
devmo: anyways keep up the good work
TexasLimitKing: hehe thx
TexasLimitKing: u2
devmo: ur gona have to support a gang of girls :)
devmo: lata
TexasLimitKing: true
TexasLimitKing: l8r

So hopefully this puts that rumor to bed. I promised to resolve this rumor for the loyal readers of the blog and thanks to RebelB, we delivered. Yet another reason to read this blog :)

Stay tuned for my next entry as I'm going to share some tidbits from an interesting conversation with Scott Matusow, Mike's big brother (who can still kick Mike's ass, btw). Something about having to fire Mike from their old furniture business and empty pizza boxes piling up in Mike's kitchen. Oh yeah, that and someone apparently stole Mike's cat...

Get a free sample of cotton candy when you sign up for a new account at Full Tilt Poker! Well, actually you won't get any cotton candy but you will get a nice sign up bonus after your first deposit.


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