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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mike Busted in House Over House Hand

The following is quoted from PokerPages' coverage of the WPT Borgata Classic

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow has been sent to the rails early on in this event.

After Matusow raised pre-flop with K-5, Bill Edler called.

The flop brought: K 8 5

Matusow bet, was raised by Edler, and Mike quickly called.

The turn: 10

Matusow leads out again, and this time Edler just called.

The river is a 5, giving Matusow a full house. Matusow moved all in, only to be shocked when Edler turned over KK for the nuts. Matusow is out.
Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gambling Gus Hansen Wins Aussie Millions

Team Full Tilt member, Gus Hansen has scored one for the team and won AU$1.5 million in the Aussie Millions main event.

You can play against Gus and Mike on Full Tilt Poker.
Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Drunk Mike Matusow Playing $50/100 at Atlantis

2+2 member Enon captured Mike at 50/100 game on his video camera and uploaded it to YouTube. Warning: Mike's language is not safe for work.

25 U.S. Cities to Compete in PokerBowl

Looks like a touney series is being put together and Scott Fischman is forming a Jewish Crew consisting of himself, Mike 'the Mouth' Matusow, and possibly Michael 'the Grinder' Mizrachi.
Friday, January 19, 2007

Mike Matusow Bio Book Deal Falls Apart

Michael Craig who has penned the The Professor, The Banker and The Suicide King and has been working with the Full Tilt pros on a poker book has just posted on his journal that a deal he was working on to do a biography style book on Mike "The Mouth" Matusow has fallen through.

Craig's a good writer and close with Mike so it's a shame we won't be seeing the book anytime soon. Craig promises to provide some additional detail in the near future.

Mike Matusow - the sad story of how a Matusow bio project will include one less Mikey than I thought.
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mike's Full Tilt Tips From the Pros

Pro Tip: 94
Finding the Low Cards in Omaha Hi/Lo

Mike Matusow
Jan 15, 2007

A while back, I played a hand in an Omaha Hi/Lo Limit tournament that had everyone at my table jumping off their chairs. They thought I was crazy and couldn't believe my play. But I made the right move. In fact, the play illustrates an important Omaha Hi/Lo concept that's not widely understood.

Here's how the hand went down.

It was a nine-handed table. The under-the-gun player raised and another early position player three-bet. Two other players called the bet cold. It came around to me in the big blind, where I held 9-K-Q-2. This is usually considered a pretty trashy Omaha-8 hand. But I didn't fold here; I four-bet. I then flopped the nuts and took down a huge pot. When they saw my hand, the players went crazy. How could I four-bet with that kind of trash?

I could do it because I made some good assumptions based on the way my opponents played their hands. This was a tournament, where most players tend to be pretty cautious. Few will play any hands that don't contain Aces, and just about everyone is sticking to hands with a lot of low cards.

So when the under-the-gun player raised, I felt pretty confident in assuming that he had an Ace with some other low cards. The same goes for the player who three bet. The two callers must also have had hands that they thought were pretty strong. I could be all but certain that all four aces were dealt to these players, and that they held a lot of the deck's low cards.

I was also confident that, in this hand, the flop was going to come at the high end of the deck and that I'd have a chance to sweep a huge pot because there would be no qualifying low. And that's exactly what happened.

This hand shows that in Omaha Hi/Lo, you can often make some good assumptions as to what cards remain in the deck and what the flop is likely to hold. For another example, say that you're in the big blind and it's folded to the cutoff, who raises. You see 9-T-J-Q. With all but one player folding, you can be pretty sure that almost everyone else held a number of medium and high cards. So the deck is ripe with low cards, which will probably help your lone opponent's hand. Your best move is to fold this hand pre-flop and wait for a better spot.

Of course, the better your position, the more information you'll have. So you shouldn't even consider playing certain hands in early position. Something like 2-3-4-5 might be playable from the button or the big blind if there hasn't been a lot of action. The lack of raising would show that the Aces haven't been distributed and are still in the deck. But in early position, you just don't know what's out, so you need to muck the hand. The same goes for hands like T-T-J-Q and T-J-Q-K. There are times when prior action will show you that these hands are worthy of a three-bet or four-bet. But in early position, it's best to just let these kinds of hands go.

Being able to predict a flop is part of what makes Omaha Hi/Lo so much fun. You really can't do these sorts of things in Hold 'em. If you hone these skills, you're sure to be a tough Omaha Hi/Lo player.

Mike Matusow

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