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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Micon System

10/13/2006 The Micon System is no longer on the market. Bryan made the decision to remove it to maintain the integrity of his program and his game. We've found another great one though that will vastly improve your Sit and Go winning %, you can read more about it here

7/29/2006 Update: Bryan has already cashed for more than 80K at this years WSOP. He's also made a final table that will be televised on ESPN next month. He's living proof that his system works, you should seriously consider trying it.

So you've signed up for Full Tilt Poker or maybe Poker Room and you're ready to start playing some serious poker, right? Good, because it's only a matter of time before you start playing MTT's, or Multi Table Tournaments online. These are the Internet's version of the big tournaments you watch on TV, such as the World Poker Tour or The World Series of Poker on ESPN. These are very profitable opportunities for the poker player that has the proper tools to beat them.

That's where The Micon System comes into play. Bryan Micon is one of the top online MTT players, having been ranked on the PokerDB and other sites as a top player. His system is the best out there, period. There is no equal on the Internet for MTT systems that will teach you how to make thousands playing online.

Oh yeah, Bryan doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk and carries a big stick that he beats thousands of other poker players with weekly. Did I mention that he DOCUMENTS his wins on his website? Yes, he backs up the talk with the cold hard facts. Not only that, if you're still a skeptic you're welcome to email PokerStars or Ultimate Bet support and ask them to VERIFY his poker MTT wins.

Here's the latest kudo's to Bryan from another satisfied customer:

Hi Bryan,

After I listened to it and reviewed your Strategy Sheet I played in a MTT tourney. Now please understand I have played in MTT before but as my system proves I make my living playing in short handed SNGs. MTT is not my expertise.

However, immediately after I listened to the audio I “tested” your system and played in a $50 MTT and 45 people entered. First place would receive $900. I told myself if I won first place I would go to Myrtle Beach this weekend to play golf. I live in Dallas. Well, guess where I'm going this weekend!!! That's right. My first MTT under your system and my first win. It's not a five digit win but I'll take it!

I've attached the screenshot for proof. My name is “Redvudu” at Pacific Poker.

Bryan, thanks for the great info! I can't wait to win more.

Drew Laughlin

What are you waiting for? Head over to Bryan Micon's website right now and learn more about The Micon System
Monday, May 15, 2006

Mike finally wins a Poker Superstars Invitational match

After going out with zero points from the first two televised matches, "The Mouth" finally took home a win during the match from this week. With this win, he now has 10 points and sits squarely in the middle of the bracket standings. Two more matches remain and he now is a contender to make it to the second round. So it looks like Mike may have taken some lessons from Bryan Micon after all! He's on the move now folks, so keep an eye out for Mike in two weeks when the next PSIT airs on your local Fox Sports network.

Sign up for a free account today at Titan Poker. They offer an exclusive $500.00 sign up bonus and hold multiple freerolls daily.
Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mike takes an early exit from the World Series of Poker Circuit Championship at Ceasars in Vegas

With a relatively small field of 209 players, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow made an early day one exit. The details of the hand that knocked him out are unknown at this time but hopefully I'll have some details on that ASAP. The remaining players will compete for a top prize of 650K with play resuming tomorrow at Ceasars Palace.

Maybe Mike could use some lessons from Bryan Micon. This kid is crushing the online poker tourney scene and taking home just north of 15K during a bad week. On top of that he's documenting it all on his website for the world to see! In addition to his online wins, he's a successful live tournament player and is ranked on the independent website PokerDB.com. Someone shoot Mike an email and tell him to hook up with this guy (if he hasn't already!).
Saturday, May 06, 2006

Random thoughts not pertaining to Mike Matusow Part II

OK, so we know you're here to read about Mike but every now and then it's good to diversify right? Each month I like to post about new sites that I've found that are still poker/gambling related. So here are a few that I've found lately and find interesting:

If you're looking for a unique, active poker forum then you should surf over to CardsChat.com. They have alot of active users in the forums there and I even found a great Omaha Poker Guide as I was looking around (something you don't find much info on since HoldEm is so popular).

Another good one is 9LivesPoker.com, an interesting take on poker life and the perils that go with it. The articles are well written and there is a blog, forums, and plenty of poker room reviews as well. The site is very well laid out and is easy on the eyes, make sure 9LivesPoker.com is on your list.

You should definitely take time to check out this one, Drawdead.com is your best source or online gaming information. From poker tips and strategies to pro player bios and how to play a variety of poker games. Keep your game alive by visiting Drawdead.com

Now for a completely new spin on the poker world... Have you ever thought about making money on Poker? Without playing a single hand? You may be surprised to find that many are making a good income on the side (some even do it full time) via PromotePoker.com. Visitors there can learn just how easy it is to capitalize on the poker craze and make money by sending players to the various online poker rooms. They have a great list of the top Poker Affiliate Programs, make sure to check this one out.

If you have a favorite site, feel free to contact me and I may write about it sometime!
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mike Matusow and "High Stakes Poker" on Game Show Network

For those of you that haven't yet seen "High Stakes Poker" on GSN, it's a popular show that gives you a glimpse into the high bet, high risk world of cash game poker. Also called ring games, it's the polar opposite of a tournament game (which most often is shown on television). You see, in a tournament the typical buy-in even on the high side is 10K, some go as high as 25K but nothing comes close to this shows game.

To play as a guest on High Stakes Poker, the player must buy in for a minimum of 100K and the blinds are 300/600 with a 100 ante! This is truly high stakes as pro player Phil "The Unabomber" Laak summed up after taping the new season of High Stakes Poker, "The biggest no-limit game a normal, working pro will see on a semiregular basis has blinds of $100 and $200," Laak concluded- and even games at those limits run infrequently, often in conjunction with a major tournament such as the annual World Poker Tour Championship at the Bellagio.

So after missing his chance to appear on the first season, Mike shows up in season two. Taping of the show just concluded at the Palm in Las Vegas last week. Early reports from insiders tell us to set our Tivo and make sure we don't miss this new season!

A good portion of the first few hours of taping revolved around ranking the top five poker players in the world, with Las Vegas pro Mike Matusow maintaining he belongs in that elite group.

Fellow Las Vegas pro Daniel Negreanu begged to differ, saying Matusow wasn't even one of the top five players at the table. " I'd say Mike is the worst player here," Negreanu said, fully aware that his comment would set off Matusow's fuse.

"I want to play Daniel heads-up for the rest of the night," Matusow fired back, prompting Negreanu to label such an arrangement his "dream" matchup.

Fellow pros Daniel Alaei, Sam Farha, Barry Greenstein, Jennifer Harman, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Laak joined the others at the high stakes table for taping.

"I want to play no-limit hold 'em with every one of you for the rest of my life because you don't know shit!" Matusow boomed at one point in response to even more needling from his opponents.

In an effort to dig even deeper into Matusow's fragile ego, Daniel requested a dose of Ritalin be brought to the table to calm Mike down at one point.

"Everyone knows each other, so of course they're going to give each other a hard time," said Alaei, a regular on the tournament circuit for the past three years who also played in Season 1. "It's nothing too personal."

Make sure to tune in and check out the second season of "High Stakes Poker" when it airs. We will report on the broadcast dates and times as soon possible.