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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help Victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The heartbreaking images and video coming from Japan following the massive earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear fallout have touched many people and now there's a way you can do something good. Full Tilt Poker is hosting a series of tournaments called Aid for Japan. Additionally Full Tilt Poker has Donation Tournaments which will also benefit the people of Japan.

All funds collected will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross and Full Tilt Poker is pledging to match every dollar collected in the Aid for Japan and Donation Tournaments.

So far the death toll from the March 11th earthquake and tsunami has hit 9,700 and another 16,501 are still listed as missing. The financial losses are estimated to be $300 billion or more but the toll on the people who are still trying to put their lives together after the devastation is still ongoing and will take many years.

Please consider playing in some of the charity tournaments and do something for the people of Japan.


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