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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Full Tilt Poker's Rush Week

Here's a great little way to pocket up to $250 next week courtesy of Full Tilt Poker. If you play in Full Tilt's Rush Poker cash games Full Tilt Poker is willing to throw a little money at you to make it worth your while.

Earn at least 10 Full Tilt Points (FTP's) per day for four days and earn $5

If you earn at least 10 FTP's per day the entire week they'll give you $10

Crank it up a bit and if you earn 100 FTP's per day for four days you'll get $50. Do at least 100 FTP's per day all seven days and they'll give you $100

And for the truly committed, if you earn at least 1000 FTP's per day for four days they'll give you $125. Do it all seven days and they'll pay you $250.

It's a great deal if you already love Rush Poker and a great way to get paid to do what you already love to do.

Don't have an account on Full Tilt Poker? Shame on you :-) Seriously though, click here and get a $600 signup bonus at Full Tilt Poker .


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