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Friday, September 29, 2006

Matusow continues to struggle with his bankroll

When I wrote only a week ago about Mike Matusow going broke on Full Tilt, I knew he'd be back. It was just a matter of time before he got a small stake of 10K or so and started grinding it out. Well, yesterday he was spotted with that 10K stake grinding out a new bankroll.

Mike had been playing for a few hours and got his roll up to about 25K when he had two key run in's with an unknown player called "ShoeLab". A key hand that was the beginning of the end for one Mr. Matusow went down when Mike, holding JQ got it all in on the flop against ShoeLab holding KQ of diamonds. The flop was somewhat scary for Mike with the J 9 3 board showing two diamonds. The end result was not in Mike's favor as you can see below.

Only a few hands later the VERY SAME HAND beat him again. Mike called ShoeLab's preflop raise holding the button with 7 8 of spades. With a T 9 J flop with two hearts ShoeLab bet and Matusow pushed in. He was quickly called by ShoeLab holding QQ and an up and down straight draw. The aftermath can be seen below.

From there it didn't take long for Mike to take a severe blow.

Finally, the bitter end where Mike ends up broke again asking for another loan.

After getting another 10K infusion from dsindy, Mike took a break and played a little Omaha. He didn't move too far one way or the other and left the table after several hours with around 12K. Luke Kim posted on his blog a few days ago that Mike is down 272K over the course of a whopping 36,000 hands! Not sure of the dates on when those hands were played but it's a safe bet it was recently.

Still, there was plenty of entertainment to be had preceding the bust with such Matusowism's as:

Observer: Hey Mike, you lookin for a protege?
Mike: Why? I can't play poker.
Mike: I'm just a fish.

Mike: Me? I only win a pot every three hours.

After Mike went broke, one of the railbirds says "Mike, you gotta a money press?"
Mike replies: No, I got a money tree, you want some seeds?

Mike, regardless of whether we love to hate you or hate to watch you lose we all wish you the best. Go plant a few of those money seeds and get back in the saddle!

We can't give you any seeds but we can give you a 100% deposit bonus at the largest online poker room still accepting US players!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mikey Likes It - Random table chatter by Mike Matusow

Today let's play a game, it's called "What in the hell is Mike talking about?" AKA, the table patter that takes place in the chat window at Full Tilt Poker.

A few examples:

Mike Matusow: i neve rknew ther was a guy on eearth whs real name is moneymaker
Translation: I never knew there was a guy on earth who's real name is moneymaker

Mike Matusow: m yfriend aha d 100 bucks on him at loke 900to one
Translation: My friend had 100 bucks on his at like 900 to one (referring to the WSOP event that Chris Moneymaker won)

Mike Matusow: and we bethim hug eat finaltable
Translation: They ate him at the final table? No, and we bet him huge at the final table.

Mike Matusow: id neverclalgtha t6million u double up allen u in trouble
Translation: I'd never call that 6 million, you double up Allen you in trouble. (Referring to the call that Jamie Gold made against Allen Cunningham at the 2006 WSOP Final table. Gold called with KJ suited against Allen's pocket 10's.)

It's also interesting to note that during this table Jeff Lisandro sat down and was asked what he thought about Prahlad Freidman (they got into it over an ante in the now infamous TV confrontation from the 2006 WSOP). He simply replied : "no, he's an arse."

Enough said.

You may not have the bankroll to play with these characters but you can brush up with some Texas Holdem Tips and take your game to the next level.
Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mike Matusow goes broke

I've been hesitating to just come out and say that Mike is broke (online anyway) but I feel comfortable now saying just that. My hunch was sparked about a week ago when I watched Mike lose approx 120K playing multi-tables on Full Tilt. I had to step away for a bit but when I returned he was sitting at only one 100/200 LIMIT Omaha game. Yes folks, 100/200 LIMIT is small stakes for someone like Mike. Considering moments before he was playing 200/400 Pot Limit Ohama where pots reach north of 100K, this is the poor house people!

He lingered in the small stakes game for a while before logging off. That's when I began making some calls and sending out emails. It took me a few days to get the reports all lined up and double check the accuracy but it's now safe to say that Mike The Mouth is broke.

Consider the following exchange that took place after Mike went completely bust in a heads up hand with "tehdrunky" at a 100/200 NL table:

Dealer: tehdrunky shows a pair of AcesDealer: Mike Matusow shows a pair of Sevens
Dealer: tehdrunky wins the pot ($18,796.50) with a pair of Aces
Mike Matusow: woow
Mike Matusow: i run awfull in poker
tehdrunky: =(
tehdrunky: sick
Mike Matusow: drunkey
Mike Matusow: cna u sen dme money tilltomrowo
Mike Matusow: know ones online
Mike Matusow: and im in florida up allnight
Mike Matusow: up to u
Mike Matusow: no biggy if not
tehdrunky: sorry mikey dont know you well enough

While many people on various forums have seen this exchange and claim that Mike must have been drunk, I have to respectfully disagree. I railbird the big games all the time on Full Tilt and he types that way ALL THE TIME :)

For the last few days, Mike has been absent from the tables at Full Tilt. When he returns is anyones guess but it probably won't be long before he gets a loan from someone and hits the felt.

In other news, I just watched Phil Ivey bust Devmo at the 1000/2000 limit Holdem game at Full Tilt. Devmo did rebuy for 30K and won a little back but then Phil left the table. If you're wondering who Devmo is, I did a little more detective work and BOOM! Here ya go

Don't just railbird the games at Full Tilt, PLAY THEM!
Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mike to play in another million dollar cash game

It should come as no surprise that given the success of the televised cash game show "High Stakes Poker" on Game Show Network (GSN), that other countries are following suit. Starting in January 2007, All In Sports (formerly known as The Poker Channel) will broadcast their version called the "Million Dollar Cash Game" to UK poker fans.

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you know that Mike has already played in many episodes of High Stakes Poker on GSN. He's also given us plenty of entertaining exhanges with the other players! With that said....

Our friend Mike Matusow will pony up a few hundred grand on September 12th at the Fifty Casino in London. This is where the game will be played and taped for broadcast next year. The set is closed to the public (just like the GSN show). Many well known International poker players will be playing in the 100K minimum buy in game so you can expect to see the following faces in action:

Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, Erik Seidel, Jennifer Harman, John Juanda, Chris Ferguson, Marc Goodwin, and Tony Guoga.

The roster is still being finalized as I write this so schedule permitting, don't be surprised to see a few more US players such as Erick Lindgren, Phil Hellmuth, or Sammy Farha. I'm sure someone will post up the final product on a site like YouTube so that us US folks can see the show as well.

If you don't have 100K to buy into a big cash game, try the 1/2 NL game here instead. Many of the current Poker Superstars started here