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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mikey Likes It - Random table chatter by Mike Matusow

Today let's play a game, it's called "What in the hell is Mike talking about?" AKA, the table patter that takes place in the chat window at Full Tilt Poker.

A few examples:

Mike Matusow: i neve rknew ther was a guy on eearth whs real name is moneymaker
Translation: I never knew there was a guy on earth who's real name is moneymaker

Mike Matusow: m yfriend aha d 100 bucks on him at loke 900to one
Translation: My friend had 100 bucks on his at like 900 to one (referring to the WSOP event that Chris Moneymaker won)

Mike Matusow: and we bethim hug eat finaltable
Translation: They ate him at the final table? No, and we bet him huge at the final table.

Mike Matusow: id neverclalgtha t6million u double up allen u in trouble
Translation: I'd never call that 6 million, you double up Allen you in trouble. (Referring to the call that Jamie Gold made against Allen Cunningham at the 2006 WSOP Final table. Gold called with KJ suited against Allen's pocket 10's.)

It's also interesting to note that during this table Jeff Lisandro sat down and was asked what he thought about Prahlad Freidman (they got into it over an ante in the now infamous TV confrontation from the 2006 WSOP). He simply replied : "no, he's an arse."

Enough said.

You may not have the bankroll to play with these characters but you can brush up with some Texas Holdem Tips and take your game to the next level.


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