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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Mouth drops a little change at Full Tilt Poker


Quite a bit of money changed hands today on Full Tilt Poker, with the benefactor being one Brian Townsend (screen name sbrugby) to the tune of $132,161.70. Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, and for a brief stint Andy Bloch were all cast members in this horror flick (unless you're Brian).

Mike Matusow did some early damage taking a 42K pot from Phil Ivey

Mike Matusow

It went downhill from there

Mike The Mouth

And ended with Mike finally calling it quits after multiple rebuys.

Mike Matusow WSOP

On this day, Brian got the best of Mike but Mike vowed to come back later and crush the Pot Limit Omaha game. Phil Ivey even commented to Mike, "Run your roll up to 200K so we can play some PLO tonight". I didn't see anyone playing PLO later that night but I know that Phil had a flight out of Vegas so it's possible he was held up at the airport due to the increased security holding up flights.

Take a shot at playing with some of the big poker stars on the block. Just try not to drop as much change as Mike :)


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