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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mike takes an early exit from this years WSOP Main Event

Sorry folks, no repeat final table appearance for Mike. If you read the last entry about the sheer number of donkeys playing in the main event, you won't be surprised by this donk play that knocked out The Mouth:

While at the ESPN featured table (you'll get to see him on TV at least), Mike is sitting with about 10K in chips. His unknown Internet donkey opponent goes all in on a flop of 9d, 4d, 7s and Mike quickly calls. Mike flips over his pocket 7's for a set which is the best hand at the moment as his opponent flips up Kd, Jd. The Ah comes on the turn and the river brings the ugly 3d giving the donkey a flush.

A devastated Mike Matusow leaves the table and life goes on for the remaining 5K or so players left in the event. Was there a Matusow Meltdown? You'll have to wait for the TV show since we promised ESPN no spoilers :)

By the way, if you're wondering I called this donk play here's my logic:

In a cash game or a regular tourney, this is a marginal play so early on. Yes, he had decent outs with two overs and a flush draw. The difference here is that this is EARLY in the BIGGEST tourney on the FACE OF THE EARTH! The blinds were still low and there is no reason here to get all your chips in on a draw. Very few pros will get all of their chips in the pot on a draw so early in a tourney.

Mike had a made hand and a big one at that, his call was correct but in typical Internet donkey fashion the guy was making a move with the flush draw. I swear I've never seen in all my years of poker so many people hard up to hit flushes. I bet Mike would agree...

You can be rest assured that the last 3 WSOP champs didn't take an early exit, they also all started playing online poker here


Blogger ragecg said...

This is SOO typical if the EXACT moronic DONKEY play I see every day online.

The part that burns me, is that after the dust settles, the donkey has the nerve to call what they did "outplaying" thier opponent.

Since when is "Sucking out" called outplaying?

I personally think that Harrahs, or espn, or whomever, should do a tv peice on the playing style of the internet players, if not just to expose the weak-ass donkey play that pros must wade through in a minefield this size.

Thanks again for keeping me updated on Mike.

I don't worry, he'll kick ass again, and win more bracelets:)

11:48 AM  

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