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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mike plays in todays 5K Pot Limit Holdem WSOP event

After busting out in the first hour of his last two events, Matusow is playing in the 5K (no re-buy) Pot Limit Holdem event. Believe it or not, this is only his SECOND Pot Limit Holdem event EVER. That's right, his second PL event ever. When asked about it Mike responded:

"Well, I figure these morons keep winning bracelets this year and they don't know shit. I may as well play a game I don't know shit about. Maybe I'll win."

Famous Last Words...

So far it's early as play has just begun a few hours ago. From a 5,000 chip starting point, Mike sits in about 15th place with 10,000 chips. The field is 250 players deep and the leader as I write this entry is an unknown amatuer. Interesting to note that Phil Hellmuth has about the same sized stack as The Mouth right now. They're not at the same table but we're keeping our fingers crossed that somehow they wind up together. Then we'll wait for the smack talk to commence.

Is my Mike-On? Mike-On-System what?


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