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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Matusow busts out in the 5K No Limit Hold Em WSOP Event

Mike Matusow came in all talk, ready to do battle in todays 5K NL event. He was seen several times playfully taking verbal jabs at opponents from fellow pros to the amatuer "Joe Blow" at the table. More often than not though, it was kind hearted singing heard from the mouth of, well "The Mouth".

One player that he had nicknamed "Smiley" was serenaded by Mike after a board of A xx flopped. " Mike bet out on the flop and "Smiley" went all in to hear Mike sing "Smiley, Smiley, I have AK Smiley. I'm going to fold AK here Smiley" as he folded his cards face down. Whether he actually had AK or not is unknown.

Unfortunately for Mike, he never got any cards to play as Big Slick (AK) once again let him down when he pushed his final 2,200 chips in with it pre-flop. He was called by unknown player holding pocket 7's which held up. Mike busted out in 400th place and of course, didn't cash in this event.

The ultimate winner of this event will collect 818K.

Bust out yourself? Reload here


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