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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Matusow News and Rumors

Things have gotten quiet since the WSOP for Mike and many other poker pros. However, one newly minted "poker pro" AKA Jamie Gold has had plenty of action (and not the poker table kind). Shortly after the WSOP concluded with Gold taking home the richest prize in sports history, he was sued for HALF of his winnings from a new "friend". You see, apparently Mr. Gold made an agreement that if Bruce Leyser would find a few celebs to wear BoDog gear during the Main Event, that Gold would split his winnings with him. The rest is history of course, with Gold taking home 12 million and Leyser wisely (in my opinion) taking him to court to ensure that he gets what's owed. The story is a mess but if you want a chronological order of the events, feel free to read up on it HERE

In other news related to Mike Matusow, news has leaked that GSN will begin taping a third season of the wildly successful High Stakes Poker television show. Given Mike's TV friendly demeanor and you can bet that he'll be asked back. Let's just hope that he doesn't have a real life repeat of his recent big loss at Full Tilt Poker.

Mike is still in the running for the top prize at the Poker SuperStars Invitational, having made it into the sweet 16. The next episode will air on Sunday, September 3rd and we'll cover the results here. For those that are new to this show, it's recorded in a private studio in California and the winners aren't known until the television broadcasts.

Speaking of Poker SuperStars, 3 out of the last four WSOP champs play online poker here


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