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Friday, September 29, 2006

Matusow continues to struggle with his bankroll

When I wrote only a week ago about Mike Matusow going broke on Full Tilt, I knew he'd be back. It was just a matter of time before he got a small stake of 10K or so and started grinding it out. Well, yesterday he was spotted with that 10K stake grinding out a new bankroll.

Mike had been playing for a few hours and got his roll up to about 25K when he had two key run in's with an unknown player called "ShoeLab". A key hand that was the beginning of the end for one Mr. Matusow went down when Mike, holding JQ got it all in on the flop against ShoeLab holding KQ of diamonds. The flop was somewhat scary for Mike with the J 9 3 board showing two diamonds. The end result was not in Mike's favor as you can see below.

Only a few hands later the VERY SAME HAND beat him again. Mike called ShoeLab's preflop raise holding the button with 7 8 of spades. With a T 9 J flop with two hearts ShoeLab bet and Matusow pushed in. He was quickly called by ShoeLab holding QQ and an up and down straight draw. The aftermath can be seen below.

From there it didn't take long for Mike to take a severe blow.

Finally, the bitter end where Mike ends up broke again asking for another loan.

After getting another 10K infusion from dsindy, Mike took a break and played a little Omaha. He didn't move too far one way or the other and left the table after several hours with around 12K. Luke Kim posted on his blog a few days ago that Mike is down 272K over the course of a whopping 36,000 hands! Not sure of the dates on when those hands were played but it's a safe bet it was recently.

Still, there was plenty of entertainment to be had preceding the bust with such Matusowism's as:

Observer: Hey Mike, you lookin for a protege?
Mike: Why? I can't play poker.
Mike: I'm just a fish.

Mike: Me? I only win a pot every three hours.

After Mike went broke, one of the railbirds says "Mike, you gotta a money press?"
Mike replies: No, I got a money tree, you want some seeds?

Mike, regardless of whether we love to hate you or hate to watch you lose we all wish you the best. Go plant a few of those money seeds and get back in the saddle!

We can't give you any seeds but we can give you a 100% deposit bonus at the largest online poker room still accepting US players!


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