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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Full Tilt's Lastet Software Release Let's Your Schedule Your Own Tournaments

Just in time for their Take 2 promotion Full Tilt Poker has unveiled the latest update consisting of several extra features, such as the ability to ask for non-public tourneys and your account history.

The biggest change in the upgrade could be the private tournament functionality. Although Full Tilt has previously offered personal tournaments these were only available by getting in touch with support. Now, private tournaments are much more comparable to the PokerStars Home Games feature that enables players to schedule their own tourneys whenever they want without the involvement of a customer support representative.

Some of the additional features rolled out in the upgrade:

- Ring game tickets: Building from the notion of tourney tickets now you can purchase buy-ins for cash games.

- Customized bet buttons: Go on and arrange customizable buttons depending on how you play pre and post flop.

- Request account history: Have to have an review of your recent history? Well, Tilt has finally unveiled the capability for you get at this info without the need to contact customer support.

Click here to download the latest version of Full Tilt Poker.


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