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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Matusow Broke Again?

Just saw a tweet from Mike Matusow (and retweeted by his brother Scott) pimping some free online poker room at a site called "Make Poker Legal" Mike and his brother have been retweeting posts for some time now and I can only imagine that either Mike owns a piece of this or he's pimping a free online poker site for a friend.

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 1.04.53 AM.png

It's also possible that this is somehow Full Tilt Poker related but I would think that Full Tilt would have higher standards than to launch a site that looks like this:

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 1.10.54 AM.png

Scott Matusow (Mike's brother) is listed as a sponsor so maybe he's doing the pimping and Mike is helping him out a bit.

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 1.15.24 AM.png


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