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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ted Forrest Drops The Weight and Mike Matusow Drops Some Cash

Mike Matusow's prop bet with Ted Forrest ended with Matusow and Justin Smith having to pay Forrest $2 million. Back in May, Smith and Matusow bet Forrest that he couldn't lose 50 pounds by July 15. If he did, they would pay him $2 million. If he missed he had a second shot at the 50 lbs loss if he could get his weight down by September 15th. If he made the September date he would get *only* $1 million but if he missed he owed them $150,000. Hmmm . . . at those odds I might have even taken the bet!

Well, Forrest made it to the Pavilion Room at the Rio where Huck Seed was waiting with an electronic scale. After some calibration Forrest stepped on the scale coming in at 139.8 pounds - 1.8 pounds short of the goal. Wait! Forrest had some stuff in his pockets and then his heavy jeans and weighed in again at 138 right on the nose.

Though Matusow wasn't there to witness the weigh in (he was reportedly sleeping) there were enough witnesses that Mike won't have much wiggle room if he wants to challenge the weigh in.

What a remarkable feat! Observers say they were literally shocked by Forrest's transformation. Some commenting that he was lucky his diet and exercise regimen didn't kill him in the process.


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