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Monday, October 16, 2006

Matusow loses big in recent High Stakes Poker taping

I wrote recently about The Mouth being invited to play in the Euro version of High Stakes Poker. Well, play he did but unfortunately the result wasn't so great. I've got insider information from another player in that same game that Mike Matusow dropped 200K during the taping. The big winner was apparently Phil Ivey taking down a little over a 100K and Tony G in a close second with around 85K.

Some of the other players that were present for the taping were Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harman, Erik Siedel, and Gus Hansen. In all around 15 players rotated in and out of the game and there were several young Euro Internet players as well trying to play with the big guns of poker.

In other news, taping of the US version of the show also just wrapped at the South Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Look for a write on that game in a few days.

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Blogger Mike Matusow said...

B.S. This is Scott Matusow here,(I help my brother with his blogs so Ill use his Blog logon to post this) Your intel is horsepoop. Mike won over 100k. Who told you otherwise?

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think Scott here is a fraud. Mike was pretty upset after that taping of the European High stakes poker. He lost a 178 k pot to Erik (don't know which Erik since there were two of them). This is the hand: Mike had 8 10, Erik AA. Flop comes 2 10 8, and all the money goes in. The turn is a 7 and the runner also a 7. Mike is always the lucky guy :-(

However last week thetaped High Stakes Poker season 3. Although Mike did not tell much about it (signed contract) on full tilt, he said season 3 will be the domination of Mike Matusow. Think he made around 250 k. He won on full tilt around 150k and said that he made 120 k in sportsbetting. That was the day after the taping. Also he siad he was now up 500 k in the last days. So i guessed that included his winning in HSP.

On 17 october he was broke again on full tilt after losing big in 500/1k Omaha 8/ob. I caught him begging for money... again... sigh..

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:43 AM,

Regardless of what happened at the European HSP taping, you shouldn't use the kind of emotively charged words that you used here (e.g. saw him begging etc).


9:52 PM  
Blogger Mike Matusow said...

Ya, I'm a fraud, frequently, frauds have acces to the real person's blogger, lol!! (which the blogs can be found at www.mikethemouth.com which is Full tilt's official Matusow site.)

Actaully, I was confused because I was informed Mike won allot of money on GSN. I was just confused over which version is all. Yes he lost 200k on the euro version, but won about as much on the regular GSN version in the states..

I just get overly sore sometimes because people make up bullshit about Mike.

Your comment "He was begging for money" is a perfect example of utter bullshit as Mike has allot of people who will always spot him cash, and about any amount he asks for because Mike always pays back.

7:44 PM  

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