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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mike's thoughts on the Internet Gambling Ban

Unless you've been under a rock for the last week, you know that the corrupt Senator Bill Frist underhandedly attached his Internet Gambling Ban bill to the certain to be approved Port Security bill. The bill was approved with ease and now everyone from online pro players to the casual player faces an uncertain future when it comes to playing a favorite American pastime enjoyed by over 60 million people. Don't you just love it when our Government decides what we should be able to do in the privacy and comfort of the same homes that we own and pay taxes on? Anyway, I digress...

Mike Matusow let his opinion be known during a session yesterday on Full Tilt Poker-

While taking 20K swings during this same session, Mike finally saw a familar face arrive and again, made it clear that he was happy to see Gus!

Mike Matusow: omg there is a god

Mike Matusow: gus is here

Mike Matusow: tytytytygod

Please let your voice be heard and join the PPA. Make sure that you vote on November 7 and use the power of our freedom to show these corrupt politicians that we won't stand by and allow them to destroy our beloved game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

matusow said omg there is a god.. nothing about it being rigged

3:50 AM  

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