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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is Mike Matusow addicted to online poker?

You be the judge-

At this moment, he's in Foxwoods at the World Poker Finals and the word is that he busted out of todays (smaller) event already. So look at things from this perspective: You're a world class pro player and you're surrounded by world class poker players and many more that WISH they were world class poker players. You're all assembled in one place to play a big poker tourney. What happens as players bust out of big poker events? They play in the CASH SIDE GAMES! It's no secret that many players go to these events JUST to play in the side games. So where do you suppose Mike has been tonight? (Hint, it's not the spa)

So here we have Mike playing some Omaha, nothing unusual about that other than the fact that I'm sure he had a great selection of cash games to choose from at Foxwoods, in fact I'm certain of it. Instead, he chose to play poker of the online variety. You be the judge.

Oh yeah, did I mention he went broke again after dropping 20K to eazypeazy? Yup, and then he asked Gus Hansen for a 20K loan:

Mike Matusow: gus
Mike Matusow: SO SICK
Gus Hansen: abe leave mike alone
Mike Matusow: GUS SEN DM E20
Gus Hansen: abe is too good
Mike Matusow: LOL
Gus Hansen: he is the best
Mike Matusow: Y HES GREAT
Gus Hansen: nobody can beat him
Mike Matusow: GREAT SEND ME 20
Gus Hansen: have to send the whole world first mike
Mike Matusow: PROMISDE
EazyPeazy: i tihnk you should go the hellmuth root mike work on your endosments

So it appears that the "abe" Gus is referring to is EazyPeazy, AKA Abe Mosseri who is a local poker pro who has made several final tables in his career. A great player in his own right. Whether Gus's comment was in jest or he was actually serious that he thought Mike couldn't beat Abe heads up is unknown. What is known is that Gus didn't send the money as Mike wasn't seen playing again afterwards. Now I'm sure Mike is good for the money, that's not the issue here. This also isn't a "Mike went broke and begged for money" article. It's common for people to take loans of 20K or more at the level they play, it's not begging, it's part of the game.

I imagine Mike is walking the floor of Foxwoods right about now, looking for a stake or perhaps playing with his own roll. I do find it odd that he went straight to the laptop though vs. the floor. Your comments on this are welcome.

You can play poker with Mike or just watch the fun at Full Tilt Poker.


Anonymous Space said...

First of all, u do a grat job with this blog.

- I'm also kind of a Matusow Fan and I like to see how he's doing in poker. I would guess that M.M have been playing 8/10 times when I have checked Full Tilt.
And there been a long long time since I've seen him having a winning-streak. When he wins, he blows it up half an hour later most often.

Hope he get his act toghether and get stable again. Coz' he's one hell of a worldclas pokerplayer.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope that there is someone out there who can talk Mike into good bankroll management. I really love to see him play, but hit hurts seeing him lose every time. Although poker is his profession he also loses very much sportbetting. Yesterday he played trivia and asked the rail "How much does Mikey ows the bookies". The correct answer was 170K.

You write in your article that loans of 20K are common good at the stakes Mike is playing. I'm sure it is, but Gus refused the 20K loan as an act of friendship. Mike was really mad and called him a real fking good friend. But Gus knew Mike would just blow it in half an hour to Abe.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Big Bet Business said...

I'm not sure where Mike called Gus "a real fking good friend". I didn't print that in my article and he left that table without saying anything else. Where did you see him say this?

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heads-up PLO is the most popular high-limit game going right now, and you can only find it online. Mike may indeed be addicted to online poker but right now I think he's just hot for high-stakes PLO.

I too feel sympathetic for Mike's seemingly inability to control his bankroll, but I don't know that to be fact. I don't know the man and only see the public persona that TV people show me so I don't know anything for sure. I do know that you can be a world-class player but without good judgement and self-control you are not a true professional.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

i feel for mike as he suffers some really sick bad beats, almost as bad as the ones i suffer....he loses way more money on his though

i think online he is not world class. live, he has his reputation, ability to read, and he can influence table behavior with his personality. online there is a screen and you, thats it. reads are all betting patterns, etc. it is much easier to lose money online.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another day and more money gone. It just keeps getting worse for him. Started playing 50/100 NL and 25/50 PLO O 8/ob but a little over 20 K was soon gone. That was 20 K he borrowed from ProfBackwards (Ted Forrest), well not exactly borrowed he sent someone to teds house to pay him cash. Ted mentioned that he still owns him 10 K. When all the money was almost gone he borrowed 10 K of Ben Robberts and promised him to pay him back in 2 days top. But that didn't last long too... Someone at the table mentioned that 101 lbBass expected his 50K in a few days to appear on his account. Mike got a little freaked about that and said he was mad at 101 lbBass for telling his business to evryone.

From the chat:

Mike Matusow (Observer): tay i got no money
anywher e

Mike Matusow (Observer): jus tcalled suicide hotline
they put meon hold

Mike Matusow (Observer): if u can finda gun ill teach
u a knew game to play

Mike Matusow (Observer): its called kill teh mouth

And oo yeah, he lost again betting sports today to. But Mike said the bookies didn't know yet he wasn't gonna pay them.

Sigh... I'm a big fan of the guy, but he would be so much happier, and richer, if he knew how to quit online poker and sport betting.


10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just the blog, but all the comments and new info I'm getting about Mikey are really sad...Everyone harps on him saying hes a bad player, but he truly is a very good player. He knows poker. Poker is not the issue. He needs to control himself. He would be an amazing player if he just controlled his actions and emotions a little better. Well, he is an amazing player, but he would be a WINNING player...He definitely needs to learn some bankroll management.

He even said it himself in an interview I saw on TV somewhere. He said he would win 10k at the tables during the week and then blow it on the weekend...every week...

Thats kinda scary he is in so much debt though. I mean losing a huge chunk of your own money is one thing, but losing someone elses?!!?! Thats scary...How is gonna pay them back??

10:50 PM  

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