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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You win some and you lose some

Mike was spotted this morning playing some heads up 1000/2000 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo with profbackwards (Ted Forrest). After sitting with 40K, Mike has worked his roll up to around 60K.

After playing for another 20 minutes or so, profbackwards sat out and none other than Luigi66369 AKA Patrik Antonius sat with 30K. Mike was very happy to see him sit down as evidenced by his chat reply of "tytyty", "tygod".

At one point Mike had swoll his roll to a tad over 80K. After settling back in and taking a few swings, Mike had about 48K when EazyPeazy (unknown player) sat down with around 80K.

After taking a beating (as you can see above), Mike's stack was devastated and got as low as 6K. While most players would tilt off the rest of the their stack at this point, Mike sucked it up and chipped away till his stack was back around 50K. Folks, there aren't many players in the world capable of making a move like this in Omaha Hi/Lo, much less at this world class level. Way to play Mike!

Unfortunately for Mike, he would later move his game to the heads up 200/400 NL game and drop around 40K after taking some wicked beats at the hands of Spiked (unknown player but rumored to be Sean Sheikhan).

You can railbird the games at Full Tilt as well and see action like this everyday. Anytime a pro is seated at a table, the table will turn red in the lobby. More pros play at Full Tilt than any other site in the world!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - always fun to read

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