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Monday, December 04, 2006

The new Mike Matusow blog and fan site

The time has come (and loyal readers have already noticed) to overhaul the Mike Matusow blog. I've long wanted to expand the site and offer more to my readers than just the blog so I'm proud to announce the grand opening of Mike-Matusow.net to supplement the blog!

You now have access to Mike Matusow pictures, a view of his lifetime Tournament Wins, and more. The site also will offer an ever-growing Poker Pro database with profiles of traditional pros such as Mike as well as online players such as Texas Limit King. Look for lots of updates to these areas of the website very soon.

Another valued addition to the site is the relationship that I now have with Scott Matusow, who is the older brother to Mike. You may have seen glimpses of Scott during the recent ESPN coverage of the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. He can be seen talking about how Mike misplayed a key hand with Mike Sexton with their mother Gloria Matusow. Scott cares deeply for his brother Mike and has offered to contribute to the blog from time to time. I'm very excited and honored to have someone like Scott who not only noticed the blog but offered his time to help keep you (the reader) updated. Hopefully this new relationship will lead to some exclusive content and interviews in the near future ;)

Your feedback is welcome, I'd love to hear what you think about the new look and features of the blog. Also, loyal readers like RebelB who send me the occasional chat log or screen shot are welcome to contact me as well. If your submission is published you'll get proper credit and also be entered in a new monthly drawing for free Full Tilt Poker items such as hats and sunglasses.

Stay tuned folks, another entry is coming tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all. Love the new site!

Watched Mike playing for at least 14 hours ;-) Finally he plays some good poker! He is up around 30 K (at least untill this moment ;-)Lovexd that last had. Nobody believes anymore Mike hits the board sometimes :-) Maybe that PLO O 8/ob game is a game Mike can own.

Mike Matusow: im gonna get a fking fk u face
Mike Matusow: and use it all the time
Dealer: John Juanda wins the pot ($500)
Dealer: Hand #1355772993
Mike Matusow: 38
Dealer: dave118 wins the pot ($5,597)
Dealer: Hand #1355779476
Mike Matusow: i am
Dealer: Mike Matusow shows [2d 4h 2s Ah] (four of a kind, Twos)
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($2,397)
Dealer: Hand #1355784991
Dealer: John Juanda wins the pot ($1,847)
Dealer: Hand #1355789850
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($1,097)
Dealer: Hand #1355792047
John DAgostino: whered we get this donkfest game from
John Juanda: lol, doesnt matter what game u guys start it ll fill up
Mike Matusow: john, dagafishino, whats up
Dealer: John Juanda has 15 seconds left to act
John Juanda: u build it they ll come
howisitfeellike: mike ?
Mike Matusow: they got sick of me being broke and borrowing money they needed to put a game in i
could beat
howisitfeellike: another table
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($697)
Dealer: Hand #1355797791
John DAgostino: how u been doin mike?
Mike Matusow: so they out this game in
Mike Matusow: well. have u gotten any money in ur mailbox
Mike Matusow: theres ur answer
John DAgostino: lol
Mike Matusow: sure
howisitfeellike: hey davidhats up
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($597)
Dealer: Hand #1355801460
John Juanda: that tells me u've been doing the way u always have mikey
John DAgostino: i havent seen any deposits
Mike Matusow: well thats how ive been doing
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($500)
Dealer: Hand #1355804551
Mike Matusow: but im winning today
Mike Matusow: started w 8 k
John DAgostino: thats good news
Mike Matusow: got like 30
John DAgostino: im stuck 300 bux already
Dealer: John Juanda wins the pot ($6,397)
Dealer: Hand #1355810393
John Juanda: u still winning Mikey?
Mike Matusow: any of u fish wanna play two games i owe a lot of money
Dealer: dave118 wins the pot ($397)
Dealer: Hand #1355814327
John Juanda: thats why we dont play 2 games with u Mikey
John Juanda: we love u too much
Mike Matusow: i dont owe u nothing cheapass
John DAgostino: strangers waiting
Mike Matusow: i just make u millions
John DAgostino: up and down the boulevard
Dealer: John Juanda wins the pot ($1,197)
Dealer: Hand #1355818255
John Juanda: thats actually not entirely true Mikey
John DAgostino: i watched paint dry once
John DAgostino: this was the same feeling i had then
John Juanda: u owe me and Erik a lil bit, but we dont really care
Mike Matusow: joan of arc my lovely girl
Mike Matusow: is the baby up or sleeping
Dealer: John Juanda has 15 seconds left to act
Mike Matusow: did u say in the holy father and mike matusows good faith...
John Juanda: so sick call here
Dealer: dave118 shows a straight, Queen high, for high
Dealer: dave118 wins the pot ($3,797) with a straight, Queen high
Dealer: Hand #1355828057
Mike Matusow: i take this curse off the mike matusow
Mike Matusow: ok send them!
Dealer: John Juanda wins the pot ($500)
Dealer: Hand #1355830661
Mike Matusow: gullibles written on the ceiling...
Dealer: mylo shows two pair, Aces and Tens, for high
Dealer: Arbianight shows three of a kind, Fives, for high
Dealer: Arbianight shows 8,7,5,3,A, for low
Dealer: Arbianight wins the high pot ($598.50) with three of a kind, Fives
Dealer: Arbianight wins the low pot ($598.50) with 8,7,5,3,A
Dealer: Hand #1355835205
Dealer: bacina wins the pot ($500)
Dealer: Hand #1355836987
John Juanda: Jdags r u going to Australia?
Mike Matusow: somebody go tell abe in the 1k 2k theres a seat open here
John DAgostino: yes jj
Mike Matusow: i wanna bust him so bad
John Juanda: he's got too much money to be busted
Dealer: John Juanda wins the pot ($800)
Dealer: Hand #1355840256
John Juanda: at this leverl
John DAgostino: lets play higher
John DAgostino: and lets pick a different game
Mike Matusow: lets play 2 games
John DAgostino: alrite guys ive never folded 10 hands in a row in PLO
John DAgostino: EVER
John DAgostino: so lets play PLO HI
John DAgostino: lol
Dealer: howisitfeellike has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Mike Matusow shows a straight, Eight high, for high
Dealer: Mike Matusow shows 6,4,3,2,A, for low
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the high pot ($16,903) with a straight, Eight high
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the low pot ($16,903) with 6,4,3,2,A
Dealer: Hand #1355847001
John Juanda: nh Fishcake
Mike Matusow: ty ty
Mike Matusow: there went one marker out the door
howisitfeellike: nh
Mike Matusow: many to come
Mike Matusow: ty bud
Mike Matusow: tough three on u

And to finish a nice screenprint with my favorite emotion of Mike his avatar..


1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys i have been reading your blog for a while. I am in afghanistan right now serving with the 102nd. I have some leave comming up and i am going to vegas to meet up with Mike. I met him on full tilt and we started to BS and he found out i was in the military. I told him was going to vegas and he wanted to meet up with me. If theres anything i can help with just hit me up.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Big Bet Business said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Senator123 and RebelB! I'm happy to hear that my little blog is keeping the troops entertained while serving our great country. Be safe over there Senator and I hope you come home safe and soon.

RebelB, keep up the good work. I really appreciate your input to the blog.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another day, another hand lost:

Full Tilt Poker Game #1362247935: Table Hendon (6 max) - $25/$50 - Pot Limit Omaha - 8:09:46 ET - 2006/12/06
Seat 1: arulx ($4,950)
Seat 2: cmynuts ($11,193)
Seat 3: samuraj ($6,638.50)
Seat 4: Huck Cheever ($1,975)
Seat 5: Mike Matusow ($5,442.10)
Seat 6: bigbom ($1,690.50)
arulx posts the small blind of $25
cmynuts posts the big blind of $50
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
samuraj calls $50
Huck Cheever folds
Mike Matusow raises to $225
bigbom calls $225
arulx calls $200
cmynuts raises to $400
samuraj calls $350
Mike Matusow raises to $2,050
bigbom folds
arulx folds
cmynuts calls $1,650
samuraj folds
*** FLOP *** [7h 3d Th]
cmynuts bets $4,950
Mike Matusow calls $3,392.10, and is all in
cmynuts shows [5d 7c 6d 4c]
Mike Matusow shows [Ts As 6h Ad]
Uncalled bet of $1,557.90 returned to cmynuts
*** TURN *** [7h 3d Th] [2d]
*** RIVER *** [7h 3d Th 2d] [4d]
cmynuts shows a straight flush, Six high
Mike Matusow shows a pair of Aces
cmynuts wins the pot ($11,731.20) with a straight flush, Six high
Mike Matusow is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $11,734.20 | Rake $3
Board: [7h 3d Th 2d 4d]
Seat 1: arulx (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: cmynuts (big blind) showed [5d 7c 6d 4c] and won ($11,731.20) with a straight flush, Six high
Seat 3: samuraj folded before the Flop
Seat 4: Huck Cheever didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: Mike Matusow showed [Ts As 6h Ad] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 6: bigbom (button) folded before the Flop

So Mike busted again (only has now 4 K on a PLO 8/ob 10/20 table). This chat followed

Mike Matusow (Observer): im dealing with a fking guy that has the key to the cards and i still play
Mike Matusow (Observer): u think he dont he put in 2k preflop hu with 7 high
cmynuts: that was like a coin flip pre flop mike

I recalculated that. Preflop Mike was a 58.13 % favorite. After the flop a 52.80 % favorite.

Mike Matusow (Observer): please he plasy same way in big games he never lsoes apot ever

MUCK LUCK (Observer): omaha is bs
Mike Matusow (Observer): yep
Mike Matusow (Observer): u think i dont know this

Mike Matusow (Observer): cmynuts com epla me o 8 plo
Mike Matusow (Observer): ill give u 20%ofyorumoney back

After this CMYNUTS antes up one time at PLO 8/ob and left that table. In meantime Mike tried to borrow from the guy

Mike Matusow (Observer): cmynuts im just venting
Mike Matusow (Observer): sorry
Mike Matusow (Observer): y about ten mil
Mike Matusow (Observer): online i got zero
Mike Matusow (Observer): cmynuts u there
Mike Matusow (Observer): send me five k
Mike Matusow (Observer): ill give it to u at bellagio in three days
Huck Cheever: please Cmy
Huck Cheever: without Mike here its just not as much fun
Mike Matusow (Observer): cmy nuts did u see what i said or u ignoring me
cmynuts: rather wait til you get here
Mike Matusow (Observer): im in vegas
Mike Matusow (Observer): not going to bellagio for three days
Mike Matusow (Observer): i live here
Mike Matusow (Observer): or could give it back to u online tomorrow

But no money for Mikey :-( Glad he is still smiling at the 10/20 table... he has 4.6K...

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erik Seidel (Observer): Mixed games now Mikey, don't bust the
SilentSupra (Observer): zomg, a red player on therail?
Mike Matusow: y
FISHDONKCHIPS (Observer): are you ever going on hsp again
Mike Matusow: i only owe three mil
mikemd23 (Observer): Muckem-- remember like 10 minutes
ago when you had 6k and you were talkin' sh.it like you were
good- then you promptly donked off all your chips putting your
money in almost dead?
Mike Matusow: think they may cut me off

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Rake said...

Poker pro are not doing to well online i guess :)

2:56 AM  

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