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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Three million reasons why this entry is late

I know, I know, I promised a follow up DAYS ago on a few items. Since there were several things I was going to talk about, let's just go by numbers:

1. My conversation with Scott Matusow. There are so many components to the talk that we had that I'm saving this for a later date. I need to assemble the bits and pieces first before I put it out for public consumption. Yes, I know I keep teasing about this but as I've said before I prefer to present things as accurately as possible. So stay tuned.

2. The whole Mike is addicted to online poker thing. One thing Scott mentioned to me was that everytime he's at Mike's house there's nothing but empty pizza boxes in the kitchen (read: he's not getting out much!). In fact, during our conversation Scott tried to get Mike on the phone, it went like this-

Scott Matusow: let me call him now let me see if hes in some soirt of human range ya im serious
toddmpc: ok
Scott Matusow: nah mail box full
Scott Matusow: one sec ill try home #
Scott Matusow: "hey mike this guy does a nice blog on you online, when you want to talk to him"
Scott Matusow: " im sleeping ill call yu later"
toddmpc: lol
Scott Matusow: which he wont ill call him he will say " cant talk playing online"

3. Just how deep is Mike in the hole and how much does he owe his spotters? By almost every account I've heard, he's in for at least 3 million dollars. You can do some simple math based on the number of times he has busted out publicly and then asked for a loan. Using some rough math, I've seen him drop at least 400-500K in total over the last month or so. This was almost certainly borrowed money. Hell, he's even said in public chat that's in for the 3 million-

Erik Seidel (Observer): Mixed games now Mikey, don't bust the site
SilentSupra (Observer): zomg, a red player on therail?
Mike Matusow: y
Mike Matusow: i only owe three mil
Mike Matusow: think they may cut me off

The comment from Erik Siedel was in response to Full Tilt Poker adding mixed cash games to their site. The "don't bust the site" reference was apparently tied to Full Tilt fronting Mike some cash to keep playing. I've also heard from one my very reliable sources that Mike will have to cash in his private shares of Full Tilt stock to repay some of the money.

4. A few other misc. items regarding a cat, the furniture business, and other stuff I may have forgot. You'll have to wait on those too but I promise they'll be entertaining as well.

Don''t get 3 million in the hole, play within your limits and if you're ever bored, you can watch Mike try to break even.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike told the rail two days ago he had a bankroll of -700K. If it's true he ows 3 million...humm... does that mean he lost 2.3 million with sportsbetting?

Great to read some inside information from Mike's brother. Can you tell him he should throw the laptop of his brother to the moon? Although I really really hope Mike breaks even this year, I really doubt it :-(

Keep up the good work! I love this blog!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Mike Matusow said...

dont know if my other posts went thru. please post this one though, thanks Todd!!

note Todd, I never ever said EVERYTIME i go over Mikes house pizza boxes are piled high. No, I said SOMETIMES it gets so bad that food boxes are piled up, SOMETIMES!!

also, did you get the 3 million in debt from Mike's full tilt conversation? you certainly did not get that from me, thats absurd, no way Mike is down 3 million online, let alone in debt for that much, thats totally false, Mike is exagerating.

as I said to you on the phone, Mike exagerates his debts. I have no idea the exact amount he is in debt for, but it is not much if at all because he does have other income besides poker coming in.

could Mike be down 1 million bucks online? Yes he could, but the exact number I dont even think Mike knows/ However, this does not eqaute to Mike actaully being in debt for the reasons I mention.

Please do the right thing and clear this up. thanks!!

Scott Matusow

9:11 PM  

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