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Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm not 100% up to speed on the latest Internet Geekisms (aka leet speek) but I know that the term "owned" has spawned many mutated versions of the word. Pwned, ()wn4g3, etc. Hell, the word even has its own Wiki page!

Tonight I saw the newest version and I must admit, it does seem to roll off the tongue.

MATUSOWNED (matis-owned) v. Trying to outplay "The Mouth" with those rags? Your ass just got Matusowned.

Some random railbird said it after Mike took down a big pot with a King high bluff on a raggedy board. I would give you credit but so many railbirds flock to the rail whenever Mike plays, the chat scrolled by too quickly for me to see your screen name. I wonder how long before this word makes its way into the Urban Dictionary.

So yeah, Mike did bust out of the WPT event yesterday. It didn't take him long to hit Full Tilt either, just as I wondered outloud in my last post it seems he hit the virtual felt to let off some steam. I've had a few reports stream in and for the most part, Mike has played some pretty solid poker today. No update on where he is bankroll wise but it does appear that he's up today.

I've got several items to verify and follow up on that I plan on talking about later this week. Give me a few days and look for another update.

Don't get Matusowned, improve your game before you donk off another paycheck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was less then a second that it took for Mikey to hit full tilt after he ranned into that AA with his 1010 at the Bellagio. In the first few hours Mike did very well on Full Tilt with indeed some solid poker. I notice this is almost everytime the case after he has played live. Seems that playing live has a good influence on mikes online game. A few hours later he was losing again and not long after that he went away, only to return a few hours later. I saw him playing 25/50 PLO, but he made three rebuys in less then twenty minutes. So the good fortune didn't last that long... damn.

Indeed Mikey blew of some steam. Some guy said Pwnd and Mike told him to Fuck of with that stupid word. It isn't even a word! (at least Mikey seems tho think). I like Matusowned, but also I see the term Donkusaw a lot... referring to the donk moves the mouth makes sometimes. I saw one of those today. LucLongly reraised Mikey preflop and Mike calls. The flop comes 467.. LucLongley goes all in.. Mike takes a long time to call, but made the call with 22 just to ran into QQ. Sometimes I really don't get the guy...

I love the site, but the blue background colr in th eblog is absolutly horrible. I have to select all the words to get it a little bit readible.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mike has played some pretty solid poker today. No update on where he is bankroll wise but it does appear that he's up today."

Well he just said to the rail that he lost 80 K that day....

10:10 AM  

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