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Monday, January 23, 2006

The two sides of Mike Matusow

I just read an interesting article on Mike at Card Player. It's written by Michael Craig, a friend of Mike's and a fellow poker player, writer, and public speaker.

It's a good read and presents two sides of Mike that many people fail to think about. Take away the made for TV attitude and meltdowns. Peel back a few layers and inside, you'll see that Mike is just like you and me. He has good days and bad days, he has plenty of demons too. So what if his demons include drugs, jail, and 6 figure losses at the sports book? I'd bet most of us would trade for a day in his shoes anytime....

You can read the article here

You can play poker online with Mike at Full Tilt Poker. When a pro player is at a table, it will appear in red in the Full Tilt Lobby. Go take a look now to see who's playing!


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