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Monday, November 07, 2005

10 players remain, Mike is still around and now he's wearing a mic!

It's finally here, Mike Matusow and Phil Hellmuth are now both seated at the final table! It didn't take long for Mike to start taking verbal jabs at Phil. He's giving Phil a hard time about the fact that Phil was invited to play as opposed to the other players that qualified their way in. There were just a few players invited based on their popularity and prior WSOP wins, besides Phil, only Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan were invited to play.

Mike took a hit to his chips when he called an all in by Yosh Nakano. Yosh had pocket Queens and Mike had pocket fives. His smaller pair never improved and Yosh doubles up.

We're now down to the final 10 players and everyone is at the final table mic'd up and ready for face time on TV. The action got hot and heavy on the first hand with two players raising, reraising, and an all in! The short stack folded quietly.

The next hand, Mike Matusow raises to $9,000 preflop, and Tony Bloom calls. The flop comes Ks-Qd-2d, Bloom checks, Matusow bets $9,000, and Bloom calls. The turn card pairs the board with the 2h, Bloom checks, Matusow bets, and Bloom thinks for a short while before folding. Matusow collects the pot.

The final 10 chip count looks like this:

1. Phil Hellmuth - $281,500 (Seat 4)
2. Mike Matusow - $179,000 (Seat 9)
3. Brandon Adams - $135,500 (Seat 7)
4. Tony Bloom - $130,000 (Seat 8)
5. Steve Dannenmann - $122,000 (Seat 1)
6. Keith Sexton - $95,500 (Seat 6)
7. Hoyt Corkins - $95,000 (Seat 5)
8. Grant Lang - $61,500 (Seat 2)
9. David Levi - $41,000 (Seat 3)

Play resumes tommorow at 2Pm Vegas time. Mike is in a great spot so I expect to see and hear great things about his play tomorrow. Don't forget, Mike was spotted playing online last night so if you happen to be on Full Tilt tonight, look for a red table (meaning there is a pro seated there) and peek in to see if it's Mike! If you see him make sure to wish him luck.

Stay tuned tomorrow for updates as soon as I can get them.


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