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Monday, November 07, 2005

A few interesting hands and observations from the TOC yesterday

A few things of note from the WSOP TOC yesterday:

1. Phil Hellmuth was fashionably late (as always)to take his seat in the tourney. Actually he was 3 and a half hours late and was blinded off for 20% of his stack! As you can see from the results posted below, phil had plenty of fight left in him and rebounded well from his starting position.

2. Think the internet players play bad hands? How about this one from yesterday? From middle position Mike Matusow raises to $600, and an unknown (internet) player in the small blind reraises to $2,500. Mike comes over the top and pushes all in, and the unknown player calls all in for about $8,000 more. Matusow showed Q-7, and the unknown showed A-8. The flop came K-8-x, giving the unknown player a solid lead. But Matusow caught a runner-runner nine-high straight, and busted his opponent. Was there a speech from Mike after this hand about kiddie tables or donkeys? You'll have to wait till the ESPN broadcast to find out :)

3. Mike has been singing alot lately, most notably "The whole world in his hands". Has Mike found religion and turned over a new leaf? Not at all, upon closer review he's actually singing "He's got the whole world, on his CARDS" referring to the globe that Steve Dannenmann is using for his card protector.

More stories and updates to follow. Play resumes at 12:00PM Vegas time.

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