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Friday, October 28, 2005

Mike Matusow appears on Fox Sports show Learn from the Poker Pros

Mike Matusow, after his fantastic final table finish at this years WSOP is now making guest appearances on the new Fox Sports show Learn from the Poker Pros which features the pros from Full Tilt Poker as teachers.

In the latest show this week, he gets into a heated debate about a hand that he played with Daniel Negreanu in a major tourney. They both had the same hand 7 9 and Mike raised with position against Daniel. Daniel thought about it and called his raise, the flop comes 9 X X and Daniel effectively puts Mike all in. Mike thinks about it and goes all in for the rest of his chips (Daniel was the chip leader and would have eliminated Mike at this point). After turning up the same hands and splitting the pot, they both chattered about how the others play was bad. In my opinion, I think Daniel made the right play with his larger stack and the fact that his read was that Mike was simply playing position. The raise was too large to really signify a big pocket pair so Mike had to be on a bluff with overcards or at best a slim favorite with a hand like 9 8 or better. I think in the end, Daniel made the right call.

BTW, if you'd like to play with Mike you find him most of the time at Full Tilt Poker online playing many different limits and games.


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