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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mike Matusow wins the WSOP Tournament of Champions

He did it folks, suriving a field of over 100 of the best poker players in the world, Mike Matusow is the winner! This will be an absolute gem of a TV broadcast when this show airs on Christmas Eve. The final three wound up being Hoyt Corkins, Phil Hellmuth, and Mike Matusow. There was plenty of verbal jabs fom Mike, plenty of whining by Phil, and plenty of agressive all-in's from Hoyt.

The final hand played out like this (from CardPlayer.com):

Hand 209 - Hoyt Corkins has the button, he limps, Matusow raises to $60,000, and Corkins calls. The flop comes Ks-Js-4d, Matusow bets $60,000, Corkins moves all in, and Matusow immediately calls with Kd-9d (pair of kings). Corkins shows Qc-10c for an open-ended straight draw. Corkins needs a nine or an ace, or something runner-runner to stay alive.
The turn card is the 2h, and Matusow is one card away from winning. The river card is the 3h, and Hoyt Corkins is eliminated in second place, earning $325,000.

Mike Matusow wins the 2005 WSOP Tournament of Champions, taking home $1 million, a very cool trophy, a TV victory that will air on Christmas Eve, and a crapload of bragging rights.

Take a stab at relieving Mike of some of his winnings at Full Tilt Poker. Mike plays there weekly along with pros like Phil Ivey, Jesus Ferguson, and Jennifer Harman.


Blogger TV Guy said...

Yep, he's an amazing poker player.
Shame about him being such a jerk to others, and oh yeah, howd that half year in jail for drugs work out...


1:55 PM  
Blogger TV Guy said...

incredibly well-written blog though..just wish I liked the "Mouth" more..oh well..keep up the good writing..

2:14 PM  

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