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Monday, November 07, 2005

Win a Full Tilt Poker "Matusow" jersey

Mike Matusow.com is giving away a free Full Tilt Poker basketball jersey with Matusow's name on it.

Here is a shot of Mike wearing the basketball jersey from this years WSOP-

The back says "Matusow" and this jersey looks really good. Imagine walking into your local game at the bar or your friends house wearing this Full Tilt Poker jersey with Matusow's name on the back! The only other way to get this jersey is to earn 25,000 Full Tilt Poker Points. You'd have to play in a MINIMUM of 25,000 raked hands on their site to get that many points. That's assuming you play big stakes poker and max out the rake on EVERY HAND!

No deposit is required, just check out www.mike-matusow.com to register for it.


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