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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The many names of Mike "The Mouth" Matusow

He's been called much worse in his life I'm sure but did you know that Mike has many names? That's right, would be you be surprised to learn that Mike also goes by DillPickle? How about MrPokeJoke? Believe it or not, he wouldn't even get mad if you were to call him these names to his face.

Why not? Because these are his screen names when playing on Ultimate Bet (Dill Pickle) and PokerStars (MrPokeJoke). Of course his screen name on Full Tilt Poker is the ever creative "Mike Matusow" (he's a member of Team Full Tilt). Anytime Mike is playing a table at Full Tilt the table name will appear in red. The reason for this is that Full Tilt encourages you to chat, learn, and play with the pros at their site.

So if you're playing at any of these sites and you think about it, you can always do a player search and maybe get a chance to watch The Mouth play online poker. It's not uncommon to see Mike playing the high limit tables at any of the above sites.

You can also try Paradise Poker. Mike doesn't play there to the best of my knowledge but they do offer new players a shot at a MILLION DOLLAR FREEROLL. Let's see, play with Mike vs. a $1,000,000.00 payday. Tough decision but I think I'll take the freeroll!


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