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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mike Matusow eliminated from the Bay 101 Shooting Star NL Championship

Just days after placing second in the World Poker Tour Bad Boys of Poker match, Mike has been eliminated from the Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament. This tournament is unique in that it puts bounties on many of the pro players participating. If you knock out a pro player in the event you are paid a $5,000.00 bounty and win a commemorative t-shirt. Whether this truly changes the way people play the pros is debatable but what isn't debatable is that Mike was knocked out on a semi-bluff.

With the board reading Jh-5s-8h-7s, Mike pushed all in against his lone opponent. Matusow flipped over Qs-9s for a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw. His opponent showed 10s-8s for a pair of eights with a lower spade flush draw. The river was the Kc and Mike was sent packing. Meanwhile, his opponent smiled as he collected a cool 5,000 in cash and a goofy looking t-shirt with Mike's mug on it and a silly caption.

After the elimination, he was chased down by a reporter from Card Player Magazine. Literally. Mike ignored the reporter as he chased Mike from the read and when he was finally cornered, didn't say a word. After being asked several questions with no reply, no facial movement, nothing at all, the reporter summed it up. "That was Mike 'The Mime' Matusow, folks."

Maybe you missed the shot to take down a Shooting Star but you can go battle the giants at Titan Poker. They have a 100% deposit bonus and hold multiple freerolls daily.


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