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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rave Reviews for Mike Matusow’s Check-Raising the Devil

As usual..Matusow does NOT disappoint, June 12, 2009
By G. Swiantek "sports nut" (Derby, KS)

You might "think" you know Mike Matusow....but I'm guessing you really don't! This insightful book into the Vegas world of "The Mouth" is a must read for poker fans. Couldn't put it down!!


Fascinating read about a fascinating person, June 11, 2009
By Venice (Michigan, USA)

I got more than I expected - not only did I learn a lot about Mr. Matusow, his friends, and the poker world; but I also enjoyed the journey. Well-written, never dull, and hard to put down. I'm not sure it made me like him any less or more, but I think I understand him better. A must read for fans of the man himself and those who follow the professional poker playing scene.


Great Poker/Sports Bio, June 8, 2009
By John K. Dziki (Minneapols, MN)

The book is great because it is actually three books. First, this is one of the best poker bios that I have read. Mike has been in the middle of the poker boom from the beginning and gives a great insite to what was happening during it. It is also an addicition/recovery story because of his drug abuse and recovery. And finally it is a book on dealing with a chronic mental illness. I could especially relate to Mike because I suffer from the same mental illness as he does. Only I was very lucky in that I am one of the few bipolars that I know that didn't self-medicate with drugs or alcahol. You should buy and read it...you get 3 books for the price of one.


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