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Friday, September 05, 2008

Mike Matusow Hates Gus Hansen


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Blogger Carl said...

I have nothing much to say other than than I am tired of hearing about how unlucky you are in your poker life. I believe you are a great player, however I have witnessed on numerous occasions terrible poker plays on your behalf, whether on High Stakes Poker or Poker After Dark.
With the amount of cash games and tourneys you play I would expect nothing less than a bad beat ratio of 20% for every hundred hands played where you enter a flop with the lead. Do you have unlucky streaks, yes you do and those streaks are not unlike those of any other poker player. But let me say this, your streak of unluckiness pales in comparison to the crap I have endured for the past year. Yes I had a great run for 3 weeks straight making 8 final table in 8 events, finishing no worse than fourth and winning four of them. That was last month thru to the beginning of the Niagara WPT, where I managed to chip up to 64,000 in the 1st half hour of play. Then from level 2 thru 5 the deck was simply " Cold as Ice ". I ran into 4 straight coolers while having a huge advantage pre-flop only to see the nuts go to the toilet on the river. I went straight to Vegas and played Caesars and my first 2 hands were AA back to back and both were cracked, then I played with Sam Grizzle once again he got to witness for the second time playing with him a 1 outer hit the river to toast me. I have had twice in the past week top sets on the flop go down to straights. I have had AK go down twice in the past 2 days to A9 and AJ. And just tonight I got to experience having a nut straight on the turn go down to a tight on the river. Oh let's not forget last Friday when I was involved in a flopped set over set over set. Yeh I had middle set. In the end no matter how much you whine or the poker hosts ramble on about your bad beats here and your bad beats there, keep one thing in mind.... there are a ton of us poker IDIOTS out there who play regularly with some of the best players North America can offer that experience a living hell at this %^#$# game. And please do not think I am some dork out here to whine. I have played tons of tournaments across North America and I have played with pretty much all of you, except yourself of course. And the day I get to sit with you is the day I will introduce myself.
One last thing.... Positive thinking,,, jabberwacky is what I have to say to that. I have played the same game and maintained the same temperment thru my hot streak as well as this streak of sourness. I say, STAY AWAY for a bit and let time heal itself.

Best of luck in your future... I truly do enjoy your play..

12:06 AM  
Blogger goooooood girl said...

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11:48 AM  
Blogger poker outings for a confused mind said...

sweet blog. looking for poker friends, so check me out/add me, let me know and ill add you too!
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