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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mike Matusow Folds to a Call

Mike picks up pocket nines on an eight high board against Eli Elezra.  Flop is 862 rainbow.  Elezra is holding A8.  Mike checks, Eli best $1000 and Mike check-raises it to $2500.  Turn is another 2.  Mike is first to act and fires out a $2500 bet.  Elezra pulls out a $10,000 stack of cash and tosses it in without saying anything.  As most people know, but apparently not Mike, throwing in an oversized bet consisting of a single betting unit without declaring a raise is a call.  In this case, the $10,000 pack of bills was considered a single betting unit. 

Mike tosses his pocket nines face up on the table saying that he's going to quit bluffing with his terrible hand.  Howard Lederer who is to Matusow's right sums it up the best "Wow!"

Check out the whole hand.


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